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Solution: Is somebody smoking?

Solution: Is somebody smoking?

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Remote Monitoring via App

Smoke-free spaces are challenging to monitor. Smoking and/or Vaping events happen in seconds, leaving a trace that Irma sensors can detect. Understand the patterns and plan to avoid future events that affect your staff and clients.  

How does it work? 


- The Status Indicator changes color depending on whether the sensor detects smoking activity. 




Step 1: No smoking activity is detected. Status shows blue

Step 2: Somebody starts smoking, the status light turns red

Step 3: Once the smoker leaves the area, the status light turns color amber. After the smoke dissipates, the light turns blue again (go back to Step 1)


Box Contents

Status Indicator 1
Smoke detector 1
5v Charger 2
10ft USB-C Cable 2
3M Sticker Hangers 4
Quick Start Manual 1


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