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Solution: How many people came today?

Solution: How many people came today?

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Count the number of people that comes to your location during the day. Compare it with different days, and correlate it with your sales and employees. Know what drives your sales and activity. This metric will help you allocate more resources where it matters.

How does it work? 

- The sensor by the door is able to recognize whether a person is entering or leaving a room

- Every event is sent to the main counter

- The counter calculates the number of IN events minus the number of OUT events 

- The count is displayed on a Four digit Seven Segment display.



Step 1: Somebody walks in, and the count is increased by one.

Step 2: Somebody walks out, and the count is decreased by one



Box Contents

People Counter 1
4 Digit 7 Segment Display  1
5v Charger 2
10ft USB-C Cable 2
3M Sticker Hangers 4
Quick Start Manual 1


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